Terms and conditions

Speedshare is a community project founded by Thomas Schulze with the intention of promoting old-school flatshares and making life in Barcelona a little easier and cheaper, and whole lot nicer.

1. Definitions

  1. “Speedshare” means the Speedshare community project and the people who work on it, as listed on the Website.
  2. “Website” refers to the website and its content available at speedshare.me
  3. “Members” refers to people registered on the Website and people who have attended Events.
  4. “Visitors” refers to people who visit and view the Website without being registered.
  5. “Users” refers to people who visit and use the Website without being registered who contact listing posters or book available services.
  6. “Service” means any service offered by Speedshare or one of its partners.
  7. “Speedshare Service” means any service offered by Speedshare itself.
  8. “Service Providers” means companies and people offering their services on the Website.
  9. “Content” refers to any content created and posted by Speedshare on the Website, on Social Media, in person, or in any other way.
  10. “Listing” refers to content generated, posted and/or distributed by Members.
  11. “Event” is any event organised and/or hosted by Speedshare. This is usually referred to as a “Speedshare event” on the Website.
  12. “3rd Party Event” means any event not organised, but potentially advertised, by Speedshare.

2. Terms and Conditions

  1. All Content is created by Speedshare with the best intentions and to the best of our knowledge at the time of creation.
    • No responsibility can be accepted by Speedshare for any damages or negative outcomes that might result from the use of Content.
    • Members are responsible for checking the validity of Content before acting on it.
  2. While we create all Events and Content in ways to produce the best results for our Members, Speedshare cannot guarantee any success as a result of Members and Users attending our Events, acting on information in our Content, or posting or responding to Listings.
  3. Speedshare is not responsible for any damages resulting from Events, 3rd Party Events, Content or Listings.
    • Any damages resulting from the use of facilities, the consumption of food and drinks, or other services provided by or at a venue by parties other than Speedshare are the responsibility of the venue or the third party providing them.
  4. Speedshare reserve the right to deny entry to Events and remove Members from Events in case of intoxication or anti-social behaviour.
  5. Any intentional misuse of the Website with criminal or harmful intent will be reported to the police, Ajuntament de Barcelona, or another appropriate organisation.
    • Speedshare will fully collaborate with authorities if it is either legally required or we believe that it is in the best interest of ourselves and our Members.
      • Specifically, Speedshare is dedicated to proactively monitoring for any signs of rental scams, and working with authorities to stop and prosecute those responsible.
      • Speedshare does not allow the promotion of short-term lets without a tourist license on the Website. Any attempts to do so will be reported, and the Member will be banned from the community.
    • Legal requirements brought forward by an official authority may supersede Speedshare’s privacy policy.
  6. Members are responsible for the content of their Listings.
    • Intentionally misrepresenting reality/facts, attempts at scamming or other can lead to Listings being removed, and, in extreme cases, a Member’s account being removed from the Website and the Member being banned from attending Speedshare events.
  7. All transactions and sales on the Website are final.
    • No refunds will be provided unless a Listing is rejected at Speedshare’s discretion despite the user having followed the guidelines given in our Content.
  8. Service Providers are responsible for the timeliness and quality of services booked by Members and Users via the Website.
    • Refunds and damages resulting from the provision of their services are the responsibility of the Service Providers.
    • The cancellation of services booked with a Service Provider must be resolved by the Member with the Service Provider according to their terms of service.
  9. Speedshare Services are controlled by Speedshare to the best of our ability. Changes to any aspects of a Service outside the control of Speedshare do not fall under the liability of Speedshare.
  10. 3rd Part Events are subject to the terms of the Service Providers. Speedhare has no control over any changes, exclusions, fees, venues, any other aspects of the 3rd Part event, or any damages resulting from a 3rd Party Event.
  11. Speedshare cannot be held accountable for the actions of any Speedshare member at an Event or 3rd Party Event, unless resulting directly from an action or advice by Speedshare.
  12. Payments and financial data are processed by PayPal, Stripe, and SumUp, who are responsible for the security and correct handling of such payments and related data.
  13. Payment gateway connections and other key functionalities used on the Website are provided via code created and maintained by Ayecode Ltd (GeoDirectory, GetPaid) and Pixelite SL (Events Manager, Events Manager Pro), licensed and hosted by Speedshare in the form of WordPress plugins. Speedshare cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from code provided by these companies.
  14. The Website is hosted by Sered.net who are responsible for the maintenance of the Website’s web servers and DNSs.
  15. The Website is created using WordPress. Security and other WordPress updates are applied automatically on the day they are made available.
    • The Website uses a number of WordPress plugins to make it better and more secure. All of these plugins have updates applied automatically on the day they are made available in order to avoid vulnerabilities and other security issues.
  16. Any litigations or damages resulting from information on the Website, ommissions in these terms & conditions or our privacy policy fall outside the responsibility of Speedshare unless shown to be the result of intentionally incorrect or misleading statements, or gross and intentional lack of care and diligence in the verification of information presented on the Website.
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