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About Speedshare

Think of it kind of like speed dating, but for matching room seekers with hosts; like Idealista or Badi in real life, but with a lot more passion and fun.

Speedshare is a project born out of a passion for all that’s good about flat-sharing.

The rental market in Barcelona is out of control at the moment…

Ever since the pandemic, an accomodation-as-a-service mindset has crept into our lives: illegal short-term rentals, office-like managed apartments, buy-to-let flats, and lifeless co-living spaces are driving up rents, and are turning Barcelona into another London, where spirit is replaced by piggy banks in the sky, locals are driven out of their own city, and scams are everywhere.

In this environment it has become incredibly hard to find a nice and affordable place to live, and Speedshare’s aim is to help, at least a little!

Our website and events are aimed at introducing a personal touch to renting and flat-sharing again. You might notice that our listing forms are a bit longer than usual, but that is meant to provide more valuable information for both hosts/landlords and potential flatmates. And for our events you might have to leave your house, but it will give you the opportunity to meet the people you might end up living with in person.

At Speedshare we believe that sharing a home shouldn’t be based on a game of flat-share Tinder. You can do better than that, and we want to help you!

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Speedshare Social Media

Welcome to an overview of Speedshare Social Media… below we have listed our most important WhatsApp and Facebook groups, the link to our Instagram, and the main pages on this…

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Social media gathering at Bar La Principal

What to do when you’ve been scammed

Some actions you can take when you’ve been scammed or have suffered other bad experiences… Report it to the police. You can file a “denuncia” with any police department. Note that you…

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UK and Ireland

As part of our expansion Speedshare has now also started WhatsApp and Facebook groups for flatsharing, rentals, events and socialising/friends in the UK and Ireland. For now we cover London…

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UK and Ireland


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Meghan Signora

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