Let’s do this together

For those who live here…

The rental market in Barcelona is out of control right now. Short term lets, managed apartments, “co-living” spaces, and buy-to-let investors are making it near impossible to live here for locals and immigrants alike.

For those who struggle…

Some groups are more vulnerable than others, and for them it’s even harder to find a place to live in Barcelona at the moment. Whether it’s trans people, recent immigrants, refugees, or simply families living on a below average income.

We need your help!

To provide help to others, we need yours.

Please share this website or our social accounts with your friends, colleagues, local groups, etc. Post your room, profile or items. Don’t just think about it… It takes a couple of minutes, and it really makes a difference!

Donate to give us more time to get this project going! Even for small donations you can get some neat stuff, from discounts on event tickets to merchandise and forever-free coupons to use on Speedshare

Speed-flatmating events at Bar La Principal

Unleash the Power

Innovative Solutions for Modern Challenges

Speed flatmating events

Like speed dating but for people who have rooms to meet those who are looking for one. A great way to see if you click with someone.

Rooms and flats

Listings for rooms, flats and houses, some of which may be rented together with others as part of our Speedshare Unite! initiative.


Profiles of people who are looking for a room or flat, or who might want to rent a flat together. You might meet them at our events.

Flea market

Here you can find (or list) all kinds of things related to flats, houses, terraces and balconies: furniture, tools, electricals, plants, etc.

Here we go! It’s time for the first Speedshare event, and see if we’re on to something here…

This first event will be smaller than what we’ve got planned once we’re properly up and running: we’re aiming for around 30 people, but we’ll adjust to the demand if needed *

Venue is still TBC, but will most likely be in Sant Pere (El Born) or Poble Sec, definitely in a central location and definitely not far from a metro station. We’ll confirm asap.

(* Since this is our first event, and shit can happen, we reserve the right to reschedule if absolutely necessary. If that happens, and you can’t attend the new date, you will get a full refund.)

Host Ticket
Book this ticket if you have a room to let.
$3.00  0 1 
Room Seeker Ticket
Book this ticket if you’re looking for a room.
$3.00  0 1  2 
Friend/Flatmate Ticket
Book these tickets if you want to bring friends or fatmates, but please don’t come in a big group, as that will prevent you from talking to new people. Only valid in combination with a Host or Room Seeker Ticket.
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